Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What is Little BigShot?
Little BigShot Image Amplifier is a snap-on closeup macro and bokeh lens for compact point and shoot cameras.
With this lens, an inexpensive camera can capture macro images comparable to those from a DSLR.
In addition to higher magnification, Little BigShot provides the user with more focus control, better bokeh and a greater working distance.

Using Little BigShot for Higher Magnification

How It Works  - Will It Fit
This video demonstrates how Little BigShot works, and helps you understand if it fits your camera.

Using Little BigShot to Enhance the Bokeh Effect
Adding the Little BigShot lens to the camera immediately decreases the depth of field, giving your photos DSLR-style bokeh.  You are then able to manipulate and enhance the bokeh effect by making adjustments to the zoom level.

Select the Correct Lens for Your Camera

Kit Specifications
Compact kit = (2) 30mm lenses with 50mm focal length.
Superzoom kit = (2) 45mm lenses with 75mm focal length.
Each kit contains: lenses, Dual Lock* fasteners, leashes and velvet drawstring pouch. 
Lenses Made in USA.  
* Dual Lock is a registered trademark of the 3M Corporation


How To Purchase Little BigShot 
Before making your purchase, follow the steps below to understand the product and to be certain that Little BigShot will fit your particular camera.

1 - Watch the video above, "How It Works - Will It Fit".
2 - See the results others are obtaining and interact with them here:  LBS Gallery of Excellence
3 - Email us your camera make and model and lens window width.  We will advise which lens size to purchase.  NOTE : If you don't see our response within 4 hours, check your spam folder.
4 - Proceed to the PayPal link below to place your order.  If you aren't able to use PayPal, contact us for instructions on sending US Postal Service money orders, Western Union or MoneyGram.
5 - Once you receive your lens kit, visit the Little BigShot Online User Guide for videos and tutorials on attaching and using your new macro lens.

Price List
 United States - $24.99 plus $5.00 shipping
Other Countries  - $24.99 plus $10.00 shipping

Payment Options
 For online transactions, we accept PayPal only. If you are unable to use PayPal, contact us for instructions on US Postal Service money orders, or Western Union:

IMPORTANT: Be sure to select either US or International shipping and the correct lens size.  If you're unsure about lens size, contact us before you purchase:

Little BigShot Options

If you're not completely satisfied with Little BigShot for any reason, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.   We have zero unhappy customers and we plan to keep it that way!

US customers, First Class Mail with tracking, 2 - 4 days.
International customers, First Class Mail, Customs Documentation,  8-12 days.

Order Processing Policy
Orders received by 2PM eastern time are shipped the same day M-F.
Orders received after 2PM are shipped the following day M-F.
Orders received on weekends are shipped on Monday.

Online User Guide
Once you receive your lens kit, visit the Little BigShot Online User Guide for videos and tutorials on attaching and using your new macro lens.

Customer Service
Customers get help fast through the Macro 101 group on Facebook.  If you aren't on Facebook, send email to:

Replacement Parts
When ordering replacement parts, send your request to:
Specify the part you need and the email address connected to you PayPal account. 
We will send you an invoice for the part and ship when you accept it. 

Message to Customers
Macro photography is a captivating, consuming hobby.  While shooting closeup photos of tiny natural wonders, the world temporarily consists of yourself, your camera, your subjects and nothing else.

Macro photography allows us to perceive our world on a different level than we can with the naked eye.  Small objects become entire landscapes in the macro image.

With this product,  you're able to slide a compact camera out of your shirt pocket and instantly, effortlessly capture a scene of natural wonder at high magnification.

Simplicity, ease and affordability are the basis of the LBS concept.

Little BigShot provides high quality closeup macro images from an inexpensive point & shoot pocket camera.  While it appeals to nature photography hobbyists, it's also a powerful, useful tool for online sellers and engineers.  No fancy equipment or specialized knowledge required;  a simple lens, simple to use, with good results.

Actual Snowflake, 3mm (1/8"), Canon A4000 and the Little BigShot lens.